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Are verandas safe?

Not all verandas are safe. However, our structures have under-gone independent structural engineer calculations for wind and snow loadings for the UK. Be aware of veranda manufacturers that do not supply and wind and snow calculations with their structures.

Are verandas a good investment?

A good quality veranda will enhance the owners use of the premises by offering cover from the weather and adds value to the property.

How are verandas measured?

Verandas are measured in metric (metres and cm) the width is classed as the length of the canopy and the measurement from the building to the gutter section is classed as the projection.

How do verandas work?

Verandas work by installing them onto the dwelling and are used as a barrier against the elements.

How much do verandas cost?

The price of our verandas will pleasantly surprise you, however price depends on the size required, please contact us for a free quick quote today.

How high are your verandas?

Our verandas can be up to 3m high at the front. And a maximum of 22.5 degrees (pitch) at the back.

How are your verandas fixed to the floor?

There are two methods to fixing a veranda to the ground, method one is to bolt each post to a concrete foundation that is suitable and sufficient for the size of the veranda you are installing. These are normally a size of 600mm x 600mm x 600mm. Method two is to make a hole varying in size up to 600mm x 600mm x 600mm, once the roof sheets and veranda have been installed, backfill concrete around the post (cast in) then make good around the post.

Can I install my veranda myself?

Yes, our verandas are available in a kit-form with a fully illustrated installation guide.

Do verandas prevent frost?

Yes, verandas act as a barrier to the cold, our polycarbonate roofing panels are multi-layered and therefore offer the best prevention from frost to garden furniture underneath.

What are verandas made of?

Our verandas are made from aluminium frames which are natural rust resistant, and are glazed with a choice of vandal and shatter resistant polycarbonate or toughened glass.

What sizes are verandas available in?

Our verandas can be manufactured to any length with a projection up to 6m depending on the product chosen.

Who installs verandas?

We supply kit-form verandas for the DIY and trade market. They can easily be self-installed by a competent installer or building company however, All Weather Canopies have a network of installation companies that we work with across the UK.


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